Packing and Shipping

Get it there safely.

We are equipped and capable of packing and shipping almost anything to almost anywhere.

We offer...

Over 50 sizes of boxes
Custom made boxes

Professional, customized packing:

Gifts, fragile crystal
Framed pictures, paintings
Heavy tools
Vehicle parts
All types of furniture/antiques
Pallet shipping via LTL
Crate building

Shipping Services

We have a variety of shipping options:
UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx.
Domestic and International freight forwarding
Air and Sea shipping from China to the USA
Private carriers to select countries in Latin America


If you desire, you can drop off your items for packing/shipping, pre-pay, and move forward to your next errand.

The combination of three key factors brings you total satisfaction:
1) Our 15+ years of combined packing experience & understanding of the true transportation stress on packages.
2) Our wide variety of packing materials stocked to effectively cushion and protect items with different levels of density and fragility.
3) Our unmatched commitment to protect the interests of our customers as if they were ours!

UPS, DHL & USPS drop-offs are always welcome!!!

Too large or awkward for you to transport? Call us to schedule a pick up.