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Box and Send is also part of MTEK Imports and Exports, a China sourcing company located in West Melbourne, FL with a satellite office in Shenzhen, China.

MTEK Imports and Exports can help your company successfully source products, suppliers/vendors, manage import logistics, and many other services from China. On average we are able to increase profits up to 17% and decrease reject rates to ½ of 1%!

We’ve helped companies source and import printed circuit boards, semi-conductors, LED products, smartphone LCD’s, and even talking toy figurines. Most recently, due to COVID-19, we’ve become experts in medical/personal PPE. Our company has sources and imported the popular KN95, N95, sterile surgical and single us masks. As well as a variety of other related products like nitrile gloves. We’re confident we can help you, too!

With both Chinese and Western staff located in our China sourcing office in Shenzhen, China we can:

  • Source vendors at Hua Qiang Bei (the electronics capital of the world)
  • Audit and Vet China factories in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Foshan
  • Take advantage of our existing relationships with factories for refurbished original Apple and Samsung
    LCD’s screens, LED light strips, floodlights, and underwater fishing lights, cellphone accessories and
    many other products
  • Quality test your goods based on ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards or your to
    own requirements.
  • Handle logistics from your current China supplier to the United States
  • For PPE, we can confirm that licensing/certifications, FDA and/or CE registrations are authentic, as well as insure respirator and medical masks meet the testing standards of GB2626-2006, GB 19083-2010, EN14683: 2005 and the other lesser known testing standards set forth in April by the Chinese Government. Or, we can buy directly through our list of approved PPE suppliers. You can also purchase directly on our site.

So if you’re currently buying products through a distributor or wholesaler, then we need to talk. Contact us for a FREE consultation and let us show you how we can increase your profits up to 17%!

To learn more, we can be reached at 352-358-1290. For those located in the Space Coast area, feel free to visit us at:

MTEK Imports and Exports
Located in Box and Send
(Home Depot Shopping Center)
2903 West New Haven Ave
West Melbourne, FL 32904