Advertising a product or service can be expensive. That is why individuals and business owners alike should use their advertising budget wisely. There are many ways to do so, one of which is through the use of custom vinyl banners. Now, there are other types of banners on the market, but for the sake of the article, we’re going to focus on vinyl, as it’s the standard and most cost-effective.

Vinyl banners for advertising: Is it worth it?

Using custom vinyl banners as an advertising tool is less expensive than other advertising materials and a great way to increase brand awareness. Yet, many people do not seem to realize the vinyl banner’s potential for effective advertising. More often than not, it’s the design and copy were ineffective. This can make all the difference.

Vinyl banners can actually be effective advertising tools. It’s a matter of what your objectives are. Before considering using vinyl banners, ask yourself the following:

  • “What will be my end goal if I decide to display the vinyl banner?”
  • “Where should I display the banner to achieve my objectives?”
  • “Why should I display one in the first place?”
  • “What should I consider first before creating a vinyl banner design?”

There are various ways to use a custom vinyl banner. A good vinyl banner ad should be able to convert traffic and lead to actual purchase and transaction. You can also use vinyl banners for instructional and informational purposes.

Having an effective banner ad can also lead to an increased number of inquiries and memberships in an organization. Vinyl banner ads are also an effective and exciting way to announce an upcoming event.

If you have an upcoming celebration or party, you can use vinyl banners as well. Get creative with the fonts, colors, and photos, and make it as eye-catching as you can. Your imagination is the limit!

How you design a custom vinyl banner depends on its purpose. For banners meant to generate leads, it should be easy to read and understand by your target readers. Also, take note of the fonts you use for these kinds of banners.

The same also applies to instructional banners. Texts are more dominant than photos in these types of banners and are meant for reading than entertaining.

Meanwhile, you can be creative when designing a celebration banner. Or if you are attending a bazaar or weekend market, creating an attractive banner design will be crucial for your business.

These are some ways that you can utilize vinyl banners. The banner design will depend on your objectives and your target audience.

Choosing the right banner size

One of the most common mistakes of creating a banner is choosing its size. A lot of customers buy a smaller banner in an attempt to save some cash. Displaying a 2-foot tall along the highway will be useless if it cannot be easily read by passing motorists.

When it comes to choosing the banner size, it is better to go big or go home. To make your banners effective, choose at least a 4-foot tall banner with your preferred width. You can find banner suppliers that offer affordable banners that will surely stand out!

Choosing the right banner display location

Banners are usually displayed in highly-visible areas like mall lobbies or corner crossings. But chances are there will be fewer people who will take time to stop and notice the displayed banner. It is also likely that your banner might be ignored if there are other banners displayed within the area.

Custom vinyl banners should be attractive enough to stand out. Also, it is important to use easy-to-read fonts in order to catch attention. Your main message should be properly highlighted and should be easily seen even from afar.

You should also have to take note of the colors used in the banner ad. There should be a strong contrast between the texts and the background. Black on yellow, or dark blue on white is effective in catching consumers’ attention.

Deciding your banner lighting options

Aside from design and size, you should also consider where you will place your banners. In most cases, you will also need proper lighting so that your vinyl banner will catch your attention.

You can choose a reflective vinyl banner that can “light” up with passing vehicles’ headlights or natural outdoor lighting. Or you can use contrasting colors like red on yellow if you are going to display the banner in a poorly-lit location.

Why a “call to action” matters

It is a must to include a “call to action” at the end of the banner. An ad should lead its target customers to take action – whether to buy a product or avail of a service. Hence, the importance of “call to action” in every advertisement.

There is no need to add wordy “call to actions”. You can use a call to action like “Call Now”, “Order today”, or “Limited stock only”. Regardless, there should be a way to encourage your customers to head to your store and avail of your product or service.

Design Services and Vinyl Banners by Box & Send in Melbourne, FL

To get the most out of your banner, let Box & Send handle the design for you. We’ve been designing and selling banners for over 30 years! We have a designer on staff ready to help! Our design fees are extremely competitive and we don’t charge set up fees.

For more information, click the link to be taken to our signs and banners page, or email us your requirements and we’ll work up a quote.

Below are the answers to some important banner questions.


Banner Questions:

What is the difference between vinyl and mesh banners?

Mesh banners are made of interlaced fabric, or mesh weave. It is a breathable fabric made with 70% vinyl and 30% mesh that allows air to pass through it. Mesh banners are lightweight and more durable than vinyl banners, making them ideal for outdoor use. However, they are more expensive than vinyl banners

Will my vinyl banner come with Grommets?

Yes! Grommets are rings that are inserted in the corners and edges of a banner that allow for hanging custom vinyl banners on a fence, building, or anywhere else.

What sizes do banners come in?

Banners come in a variety of sizes with the smallest starting around 1sq. ft with height and width increasing in 1 ft increments to as large as 50’ by 10’.

Do I need windslits?

Windslits are half-moon cuts in a vinyl banner that allows for wind flow, reducing the wind load on a banner. While recommended if a banner is going to be hung in a windy area, windslits can cause premature ripping in the banner. And depending on the banner design, windslits can compromise the visibility of the information on the banner.

We have a 20ft banner hanging in a windy area at our business location. Over the years, we’ve used banners with and without windslits. For us, windslits were the better option.


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