A Comprehensive Guide to Dunnage Airbags:
Versatile Cargo Protection Solutions

With 30 years experience in the world of logistics and shipping, Box & Send Business Center knows best that ensuring the safe transport of goods is of utmost importance. Dunnage airbags, with their innovative design and cost-effective attributes, have become indispensable tools in the shipping industry. This article delves deep into the world of dunnage bags, exploring their applications, benefits, sizes, and everything you need to know to safeguard your cargo during transit.

What are Common Causes of Freight Damage?

Understanding the leading causes of freight damage is essential for effective prevention. Double and triple-decked skids bouncing, as well as freight falling forward or backward during transit, are some of the most frequent culprits. Dunnage airbags can play a significant role in mitigating these risks.

What are Dunnage Airbags?

Dunnage airbags are ingenious creations, consisting of a plastic bladder designed to hold air, often encased in an outer shell made of paper or poly-woven materials. These airbags play a crucial role in the protection of cargo during transportation, preventing it from shifting and incurring damage.

How to Protect Dunnage Bags?

Placing corrugated or smooth surfaces on either side of the airbags helps ensuring the longevity of dunnage bags. It can also protect them from abrasions due to rough edges (e.g., wooden crates or pallets). This straightforward step is crucial for maintaining the effectiveness of your cargo protection system.

Why Using Dunnage Airbags?

Dunnage airbags offer an array of advantages, making them a preferred choice for cargo protection. Here's what sets them apart:

  • Cost-Effective: Dunnage bags provide a cost-effective solution for blocking and bracing cargo compared to traditional methods involving lumber, nails, or expensive rubber airbags.
  • Versatility: These airbags are versatile and can be used across various shipping methods, whether you're shipping goods by truck, sea container, intermodal, railcar, or ocean vessel.
  • Damage Prevention: By securely immobilizing your cargo, dunnage bags effectively prevent common causes of freight damage, such as shifting loads during transit.

What are Dunnage AirBags Sizes and Ply?

To cater to diverse shipping needs, dunnage airbags come in various sizes and ply configurations:

The restraining capacity of these airbags varies according to their ply:

  • 2 ply: Can withstand up to 40,000 pounds.
  • 4 ply: Can restrain loads of up to 60,000 pounds.
  • 6 ply: Offers support for loads weighing up to 100,000 pounds.
  • 8 ply: The heavy-duty option, capable of securing loads up to 120,000 pounds.
dunnage airbags

How to Choose the Right Size of Dunnage Bags?

Selecting the correct dunnage airbag size is critical. To determine the right fit, follow these steps:

  • Measure the Void: Measure the space between cargo pallets or loads.
  • Height Measurement: Determine the distance from the floor to the top of the load.
  • Length Measurement: Measure the length of the pallets or the items you are trying to secure.

Are Dunnage AirBags Reusable?

Reusability can be an attractive feature, but it comes with some considerations:

  • Control: Manufacturers often cannot guarantee how many times a bag can be reused since they have no control over its handling.
  • Cost: Reusable bags typically come at a higher initial cost. Moreover, customers may not have complete control over returning them, making them less cost-effective.
  • Punctures: Many bags become unusable after being punctured to release air. Some bags come with a label reading "Re-usable Bag DO NOT Puncture" to address this issue.

What are Extra Equipment for Inflating Dunnage Bags?

Inflating dunnage bags requires specific equipment, including:

  • ABP Airbags Inflator tool
  • Air gauge

Dunnage airbags have emerged as a game-changer in the shipping industry. They are offering cost-effective, versatile, and efficient solutions for securing cargo during transit. By preventing common causes of freight damage, these airbags not only save you money but also safeguard your goods on their journey. Whether you're shipping by truck, sea, rail, or another mode, dunnage bags should be an essential component of your cargo protection strategy.

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