Private and Virtual Mailbox Rental

Whether you’re a small business owner in Melbourne, FL, a business traveler who’s away more often than not, or simply a consumer that values their privacy, a private or virtual mailbox or rental with a real street address from Box & Send Business Center might be just what you need.

Why rent a private mini mailbox?


A private mailbox rental makes sense for a host of reasons. For business owners, a private mailbox from Box & Send Business Center gives your business legitimacy. Our mailboxes aren’t PO Boxes you like to get with the Post Office. Instead, they are an actual street address that can be used as a headquarters for your business and on all business documentation.

Additionally, a private mailbox with Box & Send Business Center provides security and peace of mind for a very minimal cost (tax write-off for business owners). USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and DHL deliver mail to us each day. We sort it and put it into its respective mailboxes.

If a signature is required for a mail piece, we sign on your behalf and notify you of its arrival via Google Text. When packages arrive, we also sign for them, input the details (including tracking number) into our Package Signature book, place a ‘package for you’ slip in your box, and text you of its arrival. No need to worry about porch pirates here!

The following are private mailbox rental questions we encounter daily. Hopefully, they will answer your questions. If not, please contact us for more information.

Box & Send Business Center is located in the Home Depot Shopping Plaza on Hwy. 192 in West Melbourne, FL. Click for directions.



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Q. Why Box & Send Business Center for a private mailbox?

Quite frankly, Box & Send Business Center is the best choice for a private mailbox rental in Melbourne, FL. We have been managing clients’ mail for over 30 years and our prices are some of the lowest you’re going to find. In fact, compare us to the UPS Store for private mailboxes, and you’ll find we offer a better value – hands down!

Q. What are the prices and terms to rent a private mailbox from Box & Send Business Center?

We offer 3 mini mailbox sizes: small, medium, and large with 1 month, 6 months, or 12-months rental. When you rent for 12 months, we give you an additional 2 months FREE!

Prices are as follows:

Small: $12.99/month

Medium: $14.99/month

Large: $17.99/month

Also, there is a $15.00 refundable mailbox key deposit.

Q. What documents do I need to rent a private mailbox?

Two forms of ID are needed to complete the USPS form 1583, which authorizes Box & Send Business Center to accept mail in your name. One ID should be a picture ID, and the other should be any ID that doesn’t offer any personal information like a credit card, social security card, etc.

We allow 5 people to be added to a private mailbox. We require a picture ID for each person being added.

For business customers, we will need your articles of incorporation. If the business is a sole proprietorship with a fictional name, we will need the fictional name certificate.

Q. What will my private mailbox address be?

Your private mailbox address will be:

2903 West New Haven Ave

(Mailbox number here)

West Melbourne, FL 32904

Because this is a private mailbox with a real street address, you can use: Suite, Apt, Box, or PMB before your mailbox number. For example:

2903 West New Haven Ave

Suite XXX

West Melbourne, FL 32904

Q. What is the private mailbox rental process with Box & Send Business Center?

The process is simple. Come into our store with 2 forms of ID; we will complete the USPS form 1583, or you can complete it beforehand. We will make copies of the IDs and paperwork, take payment, and give you the mailbox key.

The 1583 form is sent to the Post Office, and copies of the paperwork are given to you.

From there, go to the USPS website to fill out a change of address/forwarding form, and that’s it.

Q. Can I use my private mailbox address on my Google My Business Page?

Unfortunately, Google does not allow a PMB to be used as a GMB address. However, they do offer a solution. Here’s a link to support.google.com to learn more.

Q. Do you offer 24-hour access?

At this time, we do not offer 24-hour access but will be very soon. As of now, mail and packages can be picked up:

Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Saturday from 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

Q. Do you offer virtual mailboxes?

Yes. Box & Send Business Center has partnered with Anytime Mailbox to provide virtual services. Click here for plan details and to sign up.


Q. What happens after my private mailbox expires?

After your contract term is up, should you decide not to renew, there are two choices available:

  1. We can forward your mail to the new location. The fee for this service is $3.00 for each forward plus postage.
  2. We can send your mail back to the Post Office so it can be forwarded.

Final thoughts on a Private Mailbox Rental from Box & Send Business Center

Renting a private mailbox from Box & Send Business Centers offers security, business legitimacy, and convenience for a low cost.

Should you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help.

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