Professional Concierge Services

Now, more than ever, our lives are jam-packed with endless ‘to-do’ lists, errands, and projects. If this sounds like you, we may be able to help you check some boxes off your list of things to get done with our professional concierge services.

For over 30 years Box & Send Business Center has been providing business-related services to local small business owners and consumers in the Melbourne and Palm Bay area.

Recently, we added Professional Concierge Services to our long list of service offerings, and it’s become a great success. Our Professional Concierge Services are tailored to busy professionals and seniors with business-related tasks. Popular services we offer:

Car and Truck Shopping

We have an agreement with a local auto wholesaler. If you’re in the market for a car or truck, we can help you save endless hours at a dealer. Simply give us your requirements and we will get to work. We shop car auctions, find the vehicles within the parameters given, and make the purchase at wholesale prices. Need financing or an extended warranty? We can help with that as well. In short, leave the hassle of shopping vehicles to us.

Mobile Notary Services

If you need to have documents notarized, don’t drive around town looking for a notary, contact us and we’ll bring the notary to you. We can even take care of mailing the documents out if needed.

Document Pick Up and Confidential Shredding

Box & Send Business Center has been offering confidential shredding services for years. We are now offering pick-up at your home or office as a value-added service. Of course, you can still bring your documents to our store.

Post Office and Shipping Needs

Box & Send Business Center is the perfect choice to handle your Post Office and shipping needs. We can pick up the items you need to mail or ship, pack them at your location or ours, find the best and most cost-effective shipping method, and ship them. All without you leaving your home.

Errand Services

Running errands can eat up a huge part of your day. Spend your time doing the things that will add value and let us handle your errands. Whether it’s picking up prescriptions, dry cleaning, and everything in between, we can handle it.

Office Professional for the Day

What is becoming one of our most popular service offerings, we will come to your office and perform a variety of professional tasks. We can assist with making cold calls, writing a press release or blog article, setting up your Google My Business Page and other social media, data entry, or just about any other office task. To sum up, whenever you need an extra hand in a hectic day, we can be your office professional for the day or longer.

We’ve also been tasked with:

Arranging Outside Services

Arranging Courier Services

Organizing Work Space and Files

Mail Sorting and Organization


And moreā€¦

Custom Service Offerings

If you have other request or needs, email your requirements and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

So, when you find yourself overwhelmed with business tasks and projects, it’s time to contact Box & Send Business Center and take advantage of our professional concierge services.

Contact us today for a consultation and let our experts guide you towards the best packaging, dunnage, and void fill solutions for your business.